Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prison Break 3 Episode 2 - Fire/Water

One of the inmates is trying to rile up the others. He's not happy about the whole water-spillage thing.

Michael strides right past Bellick who asks about the loony in the sewers. Michael tells him to keep his voice down and has to promise to get food, water and clothing to buy Bellick's silence.

Michael continues to do his "I am a genius structural engineer" thing, he created a bomb made of booze then BOOM! The ground trembles and water bursts out of the taps.


renee said...

im trying to watch episode 2 of season 3 and its coming up the finale. It keeps skipping all the time and takes forever to watch i give up now it doesn't work

Anand said...

as renee said it is not cominggg
don't waste ur time in downloading ittt

essadek said...

i love you men